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Want to make your organization more simpler?

We are Evomata Innovations (OPC) Pvt Ltd.

We are a technology company that builds products completely focused on fundamentals of problems and design solutions that take them to a whole new level.

Our Services

Daifunc - Our SAAS Platform

Daifunc is a SAAS for Businesses that combine various functionalities needed to streamline functionality, combine them with the power of Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things in order to give you a versatile experience when managing your business.

Critical Thinking

What makes a business great? Your approach to solve your problems in a Crtitical Thinking approach. This approach allows you to enable a new dimension to solve complex problems, to identify solutions that you may have never thought of before, to optimize costs that occur daily and so on.

You can also connect with us about collaborations, partnerships or as a resller.

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